Kick in your Pants

Want a laugh? K, continue to read.

A day at work.

These are comments made to me. Names will be changed.

"if you're going to be my wife you need to eat jalapenos" I just laughed in his direction (thinking to self, dude you're old!)

"Ruff, as he grabs my leg" I always get scared when Joey barks like a dog. haha.

"who does he think he is touching my women?" (Im your women since when?)

"Don't let him touch those, they are mine!" hahaha, Joey and I doing Karate.

(K this name is for real) Brahim was talking super fast and laughing and out came the drool... yep right into the gumbo! hahaha. I laughed at him. So, needed new soup for the day. (gumbo was disgusting anyhow. bleh)

"what are you smoking?" ( I always say the special blend of Katie Mae Moses haha)

"you are so strong" (me eh, whatever)

"I told the servers you could beat them up and to be nice to you" The servers are now scared of me and really think that I can hurt them... haha. Jeez.

"You are gonna be a freak!" ( I looked at him in surprise until I really found out what that meant haha)

Than throughout the day they always poke, pinch and grab/ tickle my sides as I die from laughter.. silly boys. haha.

Somehow we always get back to the subject of big boobs, Mexican drinks, what my tattoo will be of, if they can get me to drink alcohol... We are just a random group of people in the kitchen... Wish people could witness it some days!!

Oh my favorite today was when Johnny (fake name) walked past me and was like check out that beautiful girl working the salad station!" I smirked but I didn't know what to say. haha.

The best thing to clean a white board with is a sterno. FYI. (oh not lit of course. use the gel.)

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