Pancake Bath.

You know how people want to take baths in noodles right? Just to see how it feels? Well, for one, from sticking my hands in 100 lbs of noodles, let me just say... it feels like worms! fyi.

This week I have really been craving cheesecake.. too bad cream cheese is too expensive and you need A LOT to make just ONE cheese cake. So alas I went with ice cream. :) Great solution huh? Well we were talking about baking things at work, and my friend told me that you can just buy a "1 hour" cheese cake... would that taste the same?

This week I have made over 500 pancakes, and combined I have made thousands of pancakes! They call me the pancake queen at work, and good thing they didn't know that was my nickname is high school! Though, they have mentioned of calling me that, and have said that I should get my tattoo like that. Though, I am pretty sure I am not going to get a tattoo... Well, ever wonder what a pancake bath would feel like? Let me tell ya. Oh first of all, they need to sell "Robby's Pancake Mix" in the stores! So much better than anything out there. Anyhow, I was thinking that I could make the batch by hand... what was I thinking? Well it was my Monday, so shhhut it. :) I couldn't get the lumps out, and that is very important! So, my friend gave me the idea, just put it in the mixer! (duh Katie, come to mind) Lets say my right arm was very tired from the whisk. I decided to see if I could fit ALL of the mix in the 20 gallon bowl. IT sure fit! I turned the mixer onto the 1st speed... Than I was like well lets try 2nd speed... It was sloshing is bit (is that a word?) Well, my friend than said turn it to speed 3... I turned it, SWOOSH! I was covered in pancake batter with him laughing... what did it feel like? Well I left work smelling like vanilla rather than garlic and onions. I could actually sleep with my hands near my face... haha. I think it actually made my skin softer, and I hope it came out of my uniform... It dry's pretty quick too! Overall, it was a good laugh, and it kind happened the next day as well, even though I didn't fill the mixer very full... So I learned to not use speed 3 when making pancakes. :).

I have also signed up for selling a weight loss and nutritional drink... it really works. So if you are interested... Shoot me an email/text/ or call... You can visit the website at zrii.com or theallstarlife.com. Check it out!

Ps. I am going to buy an ice cream maker soon, so i am sure some interesting stories are going to come from that. 5 days till I go home!!! I am working 10 days straight, with no bed, and walking 15+ miles a day.. haha. fun? Lets say my body is beginning to feel it.


New Desire.

The other day when I was at work my Chef and I began talking and he was telling me about how when he was 22 him and his buddy had a huge wine cellar! Anyhow, he said that I should start working on my collection, haha. We then started talking about hobbies and what we like to do that relaxes us. He brought up baking and he got super excited and he showed me his pictures and told me how he entered a fair once and beat a lady that has never lost! Anyhow, so that started my mind jogging (other than thinking about deep frying a candy bar). I decided that I  making breads will be my new hobby. I will also learn other baking stuff as well, but I love love bread! I am going to be self-taught. I don't believe in spending 40,000 for a baking degree. Pointless! I have also decided that I will probably open up a store front later on in the future. I am pretty stoked about learning!

I've also had many other desires lately... I am going home in 9 days! That is one of the desires... I want whiter teeth. I have been sleeping on the floor for the last week and for the next 9 days that is what I will continue to be doing. I believe my back is finally starting to get bugged... at least my ciatic nerve is really angry with me!

The last few weeks in relief society a woman has farted and burped out loud. haha. She makes it obvious too! But of course we cannot laugh out loud... Sometimes I really don't pay attention like I should. I will admit it. Some people are just too boring. :)

Have you ever had a cherry log type thing? haha, doesn't that sound so pleasant??? Right? I don't really know what it is called, but my Mom makes it, and I am really craving it right now! Basically it is cherries and cream cheese mixed (I love all cheese, well not all) with powdered sugar.. and it has a sweet dough. I LOVE IT! Have you ever had a Korean Pancake? Pretty much you just use a sweet dough (again) and you make balls, than poke a hole and fill it with a mixture of white sugar and brown sugar (I was thinking of trying it with other stuff, like fruits, maybe make a berry compote) anyhow you than seal the hole of which you just poked (good thing I am not a doctor "nurse seal that hole over there please" patient- "you sealed my bum shut!" hahahaha) ok back to food. than you can use a flat spatula and put it in a pan (with oil or butter, make sure its hot) and than press down, than proceed to flip over, it gets nice and golden brown! Sounds good right about now.

I have also been wanting to buy an ice cream maker and try to make a jelly ice cream and peanut butter, or even maybe use nutella... Since they have to be non-alcoholic since I am not 21 yet... but they have non alcoholic beer! Of which me and the bestie are going to try. Be jealous. haha. Anyhow, I just want to try flavors out with ice cream and what not.