So, I have to admit.. I find the study of psychology to be rather... difficult of boring.. haha. Its simple but yet, its just like accounting; another language! Today I was a few mins late to class, so I decided to be polite and sit in the far back and just well study for my midterm in the next class... Well the first hour of class was extremely hard for me to stay awake! The chairs in these classrooms are just so dang comfy!! You can lean back just perfectly, and trust me when you are running on LOTS of stress, little sleep and working full time with midterm weeks and just plain ole full time school, it feels like a brick wall every once in awhile... So I am sitting there, and usually when I am falling asleep (in bed) I twitch, haha, usually my legs. haha. Weird that I am disposing such info! Ok, so I am leaning back in my chair, I have my arm on the head rest and I feel my head go downnnn! I shake my head, and than I close my eyes and rest my head on my arm... and I felt my legs twitch!! I am asleep. haha. The next thing I hear is the professor saying ok lets take a break! haha. I shot up and walked down to her and was like, sorry for being late to class. haha, I wonder if she saw me asleep?? My cheek was totally asleep and it felt weird to talk. Well after break she was like ok, we are going to talk about memory... So thought caught my attention and I was finally interesting in the class... Well apparently its a problem to be able to recall dates about things... Like I have no problem with recalling information and its always an overload and I can't control it. haha. Than I was like, is something wrong with me, of course not... I am sooo not being diagnosed with whatever she was talking about. I am just cool and remember things that a lot of people don't care about... I still don't know why though. Like my first kiss was on January 29th at 1:32 am. haha. It sure was foggy outside and I was totally laughing up the stairs to my dorm room to where my roomie was still awake wanting to know! Oh the silly things of life.

Anyhow, I went to take my midterm and looked at the test and I saw all the words just come to my mind... it took me only 24 mins to take a 105 question midterm. hmmm... haha wonder how I did. There was a few things that I probably should have studied better and I know on some of the matching I totally had to guess, but the ones with fill in the blank, and short answer. I find those ones to be extremely easy.

So diagnose me... Dr. Psychology said it could be OCD. But, admit it, everyone has ocd about some things!

Today I thought I was being the coolest person (cause lets admit it, I am not very nice most of the time) and I am BLUNT, so get over it. Anyhow, I see this girl in a wheelchair struggling with the door so I am like oh hey, let me get that for you... she than goes into the building.. and well, SURPRISE!! She gets up and starts walking like a miracle just happened? I was like, you could have opened the door for me! haha.

PS. Downtown Denver is scary at 4 in the morning... lately more and more people are out, but... the other morning this guy was totally blocking the sidewalk. So me being the cool person with my hoodie on, hopped off the sidewalk and walked on the street... He still said HI really loud and I got a panic. haha. Man, I think I have messed up my shoulder.. owy..

I feel a strong need to go home. A longing desire.



Funny story... well many stories that keep me going through some of my most boring classes... EVER. I miss labs, now that is a fact.

Story 1. I was sitting in accounting class today (i cannot help but observe everyone and what they are doing) and I was just starring at the professor and she looked at me and was like "RIGHT KATIE!" and she looked at me really weird, than I sat up and was like "oh yep, whatever you say." Needless to say, I noticed to see her zipper was down... I started to laugh really hard, but than felt bad... I started to sing xyz pdq! haha My friend Erica heard me and started to laugh and asked why I would notice that. Eh honestly... if people only knew what I noticed... example A) Your breathe today smelt so bad during our groups I almost threw up... and trust me that would have smelt better! Our professor was also late back to class 20 mins... Predictions : She is stuck in the elevator? She is stuck in the bathroom! (maybe she passed out) She has fallen down the stairs? Or last, did she have a heart attack in her office? Needless to say, we all stayed in class and she returned 20 minutes later...

Story 2. I was sitting in one of the computer labs and just typing away in a relaxed position... Well this girl like speed walks into the computer lab, sits a few chairs away from me... waits for the computer to load than does this weird twist and shake move in her chair... Maybe she was practicing for something? I thought that she was just plain weird, though who am I to judge?

Story 3. I was at work standing by the oven making my strawberry jam sauce stuff and a guy that I work with is such a goof. I always laugh at him (even though sometimes he doesn't use his English properly) haha. Well he was looking at me more weird than usual and I was like, whats up? haha. He mumbled something and I was like, dude I can't hear you so I walked over to him and he was like "Katie, you are just so sexy, you are too sexy for a 20 year old and I just like you" hahaha. I laughed and said your so silly... I don't know what I was supposed to do! He is like 45??? TOO OLD! He did make my day though. ;)

Story 4. You have all seen Austin Powers, right?? Please tell me you remember the part where he is in the hallway in a golf cart trying to turn around? Well, I had a moment like that the other day that made me late to my Psychology class (not that I even care for that class) anyhow, I have decided to just find a new parking place.. haha, I had to keep putting my car in drive than in reverse!! I was getting so frustrated and was like... I am sooo stuck!!! Arg. I did laugh as Austin Powers came to my head and I thought of Fat Bastard and when he lost all that weight.. haha.

Hopefully those stories made sense and brought some humor to your day... Trying to relax is hard lately. So much stress I feel has just been dumped on me, but I know that as we are faithful and do what is right we will be blessed. Remember no burden is too big for us, though at the time is seems it is.

ps. 1 month till I am off birth control. We shall see how that works... cross your fingers. I have debated on going and getting sonograms before insurance is up. I am really getting scared for the pain to come back. I don't want it to.

I want you to understand my feelings, and I wish I could express them how I used to. The walls seem to be getting higher the farther you push me away. Thats just the way it is.

I may have a surprise for my family :) Even though some of them are butts, (and I do have favorites) I still love them, they are my true best friends, and I know they won't leave me, and will do anything to help me.


Long Times...

I know, I know. It has been a long time since I have written on here. To be honest, I haven't really written anything, or done anything besides work my life away, away into this slump that I seem to be feeling right now. Anyhow!

I have been narrowing down what  I should do with my Bachelors degree. I am going to have an extension of accounting (crazy, but I am avoiding a math class that I don't want, also by taking sociology and history haha). I am concentrating in Resort Management with Food and Beverage. I think that they both fit perfect together! My advisor didn't say much other than to talk to the other advisor who knows more about concentrations. SO after class on Monday I will be declaring what I just wrote, and I should be graduating in Feb of 2012. I have thought about pushing it to Nov of 2011, but I just, get uneasy feelings, but that I get this crazy insane ideas that I can do it. If only I wasn't working. I guess I can wait 11 weeks longer, right? Just hope I don't fall off the ban wagon! haha.

I am no longer working in the Banquet kitchen at the Sheraton. They had to move me because of my class schedule. I should feel humble that they are willing to work with me and put me on the schedule. I do. Sometimes it is just hard to get up at 3:50 in the morning, after waking up so much during the night. I have to keep going, I need to feel the satisfaction after all this hard work.

Today I have to admit, doing over medium, easy and many other eggs, I did very well. I did not break any yokes! Woo! I never want to lose that skill ever again. It is frustrating to try to learn something again, that you knew you could do just a simple year ago! So, my goal is to never let go of anything, or anymore of my talents that I have been blessed with! I was talking with my Exec. Chef today about the breakfast menu and how it really needed some help. We should had some dishes that guests would be "wowed" by. Even if they don't order them, at least we tried. That is something that they will remember! I recently went to Snooze (A breakfast place in Co.) Anyhow, the food there was just amazing! Even though the wait was about an hour to just get in, the food totally made up for it! (maybe they make us wait, so we get so starving that anything would taste good?) NO!!! I will assure you that the pancakes were like nothing I have ever eaten before. It was like heaven touched my lips, warmed my mouth, and slid nice and smooth down my throat. No pun intended! ha. Anyhow who has not gone to this place and is in the Denver area, you need to go! You will instantly fall in love. I am talking about the caramel bacon sauce that is just delightful. I am wanting to go right now. Too bad that they are closed.

To my point. I have been totally on this Nutella craze. Not even kidding. ha. I absolutely find it delightful on toast. Not to mention I think it tickles my chocolate love. haha. I told my Chef that we need to have like crepes on our menu. Ladies and gentlemen, I am not talking your normal average crepes. I am talking, lets add some triple sec to the batter! Add orange peel! Have a Nutella filling, like a Nutella chocolate cherry glaze? Eh? SO. He told me to toss him my ideas (though I am worried of him claiming that he came up with them) and that we could possibly incorporate them into the menu! SWEEEEET! I also had the thought of very vanilla bean pancakes. We need a new batter. Ours just isn't nice and fluffy and they are bland. I noticed when I had my pancakes at Snooze, they had flavor and their syrup (bacon caramel) just blew them out of the ballpark and right into my dreams.

Point of this post. As my Chef said and I will quote him directly (just to use his words... haha) "People didn't know some shit tasted bad if they didn't experiment, Katie I want you to learn and have fun with this". I love him, like as my boss. He has had some rough months.. which I don't know if I should post.. but he has taught me sooo much. He also said "mmmm Sprinkles" haha. I also told him we needed to add compotes to the buffet. It needs life, like we all do, this one just needs something... AIR. I will bring it to life, as I hope it returns the feeling to my life.

P.s. The food service industry is at 9% for worldwide employment. That is 2nd. The Govt. is #1.

Dear Blank,

I am sticking it to you by that last sentence. I will conquer, 50% + women own restaurants and are in the leading knowledge over men. (aka higher positions). I will succeed in this industry, I will be sending you suckers to suck on. :) Love ya though.