Frozen Floor

That's right! Someone was so kind to mop our freezer floor for us... Wait, freezer floor? Yes, that is correct!! I would openly like to thank them for making me fall on my butt when I went into the freezer, so thank you kind soul! (total hint of sarcasm...) Not to mention that other coworkers had forgotten that I told them to watch out and they slid around in the freezer trying to get items. Reluctanly ( Smirky face), while trying to avoid the freezer (this is bad) but I just threw my box of texas toast (20 loaves) i the freezer and watched it slide. Better than hurting myself I say!

The boys at work well, they are just goofy I would say? They think that its funny to smash pans together to make it super loud by me, or poke me in the sides.. lately they have been trying to whip me so when I wash my hands I now stand with my butt to the wall... haha. Today it got busy at work and I had to keep running around the kitchen. It doesn't bother me too much. Anyhow, I was running with a box of diced potatos (sorry who have eaten at Sheraton, we don't use fresh) haha, and Anastasio said, "yaaaa Katie shake that butt!" I turned around and said, "Hey no looking papa!" Everyone in the kitchen laughed and of course the boys just stared at my butt as I ran. haha.

Work is interesting and I wish that I could have one of my friends there just so they could really experience a day.

Please cross your fingers that school and moving home works out... Please!! Thanks :)

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  1. I would love to follow you at work. It would be hilarious