Anger+ Water Fight

I have been really angry lately. Everything has just made me so angry, from family, to friends, and especially work! The tilt skillet has been so retarded and has had a mind of its own... This morning while I was squatting to blow.. (haha) to get the pilot light to light the rest of it... it wouldn't light!! (if any of that makes sense). Well i got it to light and than 2 minutes later I walked over there and it had turned off. I had gotten so mad that I punched metal... Great job Katie. Hope no one notices the little dent. haha. I am shocked that I didn't break anything, but I am sure I am going to have the worst old lady authoritis ever!!! Anyhow, so we couldn't use the stupid thing all day, and so I said screw it and through the liquid eggs on the flat top... That was extremely crazy, and I had to move sooo fast!! Than I kept hitting my head on things and dumb boxes kept smashing my fingers so I would punch even more... Well today I got tired of being mad. I opened a door and somehow magically hit my head, Mirasol started laughing and I kinda did a face my Dad does and walked to the back of the kitchen and grabbed the water sprayer thing and started a water fight! haha, It helped both of us who were angry and cool off physically too. Not to mention, laughter does do the body good. haha.

So lesson learned.. I think. To not get angry. 5 days until I am in the most wonderful place, where hopefully I can find peace. Arizona... I think I am going to turn off my phone while I am home. Good idea?

Ps. Someone thought my friend Susan was my Mom. I wanted to laugh out loud super hard, but I just chuckled. It was pretty funny though.. and we were talking really dirty so i am shocked the girl would even consider it! Goofy.

Oh Charming Charlie is pretty cool shin dig yo. haha.



I want to quit school. Super bad. I even told my Mom, but she just told me to keep going. I feel like I don't know anything right now and I am just watching everyone else live their life. Well, I want to live mine too. Just not alone. I'll admit it, I feel like crap.

So anger won at work today. Anger= 1 Katie=0. The servers kept messing up on their orders and after I was done making the order they would come back and tell me something different.. well, lets say something flew across the kitchen and I yelled at them. Yeah... Matt just laughed and Abdellah just continued to tease me. He finds it amazingly humorous on his end. Turkey.

So I love riding my new bike and I found it really relazxing today. I also noticed it clears my mind. I was able to stop thinking about friends and just think about me. I stand 100% by my family and subjects that we have talked about when it comes to friends. I should have listened to them from the beginning.

Uhh here is a potentially funny story.. well I laughed. I went to dinner and the movies with some amazing friends Susan and Nicole (even though Nicole was supposed to be on a date...) Anyhow, we got a pint of ice cream, YUM. Dinner was freaking amazing and hit the spot... ha. Anyhow so we get to the movies and I am totally enjoying my ice cream, right? Well my stomach than starts talking crazy talk, and I look at Susan and am like, dude I don't feel so hot. So before the movie started I ran to the bathroom, and let it all go! Here is the embarrassing part... haha the lady in the next stall farted loud (where as I thought mine were quiet) and than the girl next to me leaves her stall and LOUDLY tells her friends about whats going on in my stall... I patiently waited it out till I thought that they were gone... well no. I walked out to wash my hands and the girls were standing there. Don't worry, I did not make any eye contact! haha. Than about half way through the movie someone farted loud in their chair and Susan and I of course bursted out laughing... And of course, Becky was wondering if one of us had farted. haha. Good times. Than we went back to Susans and watched something Tuscany? Good movie.

My friend at work also told me a funny story about what she did with a coke bottle while driving.. apparently she drives really slow or fast if someone is hogging her tail... anyhow she kept doing it to this guy and when the guy drove in the lane next to her... well guess what? She threw the coke bottle. haha. I about died from laughter picturing her throwing something out her window.

Oh Ps. I am going on a mission because I have the opportunity to serve. Its official. Time to start preparing and getting on the more straight path... For it is not my will that is important. I am excited for next year already... Even though I can't wait for next week. Bleh.


Kick in your Pants

Want a laugh? K, continue to read.

A day at work.

These are comments made to me. Names will be changed.

"if you're going to be my wife you need to eat jalapenos" I just laughed in his direction (thinking to self, dude you're old!)

"Ruff, as he grabs my leg" I always get scared when Joey barks like a dog. haha.

"who does he think he is touching my women?" (Im your women since when?)

"Don't let him touch those, they are mine!" hahaha, Joey and I doing Karate.

(K this name is for real) Brahim was talking super fast and laughing and out came the drool... yep right into the gumbo! hahaha. I laughed at him. So, needed new soup for the day. (gumbo was disgusting anyhow. bleh)

"what are you smoking?" ( I always say the special blend of Katie Mae Moses haha)

"you are so strong" (me eh, whatever)

"I told the servers you could beat them up and to be nice to you" The servers are now scared of me and really think that I can hurt them... haha. Jeez.

"You are gonna be a freak!" ( I looked at him in surprise until I really found out what that meant haha)

Than throughout the day they always poke, pinch and grab/ tickle my sides as I die from laughter.. silly boys. haha.

Somehow we always get back to the subject of big boobs, Mexican drinks, what my tattoo will be of, if they can get me to drink alcohol... We are just a random group of people in the kitchen... Wish people could witness it some days!!

Oh my favorite today was when Johnny (fake name) walked past me and was like check out that beautiful girl working the salad station!" I smirked but I didn't know what to say. haha.

The best thing to clean a white board with is a sterno. FYI. (oh not lit of course. use the gel.)