Anger+ Water Fight

I have been really angry lately. Everything has just made me so angry, from family, to friends, and especially work! The tilt skillet has been so retarded and has had a mind of its own... This morning while I was squatting to blow.. (haha) to get the pilot light to light the rest of it... it wouldn't light!! (if any of that makes sense). Well i got it to light and than 2 minutes later I walked over there and it had turned off. I had gotten so mad that I punched metal... Great job Katie. Hope no one notices the little dent. haha. I am shocked that I didn't break anything, but I am sure I am going to have the worst old lady authoritis ever!!! Anyhow, so we couldn't use the stupid thing all day, and so I said screw it and through the liquid eggs on the flat top... That was extremely crazy, and I had to move sooo fast!! Than I kept hitting my head on things and dumb boxes kept smashing my fingers so I would punch even more... Well today I got tired of being mad. I opened a door and somehow magically hit my head, Mirasol started laughing and I kinda did a face my Dad does and walked to the back of the kitchen and grabbed the water sprayer thing and started a water fight! haha, It helped both of us who were angry and cool off physically too. Not to mention, laughter does do the body good. haha.

So lesson learned.. I think. To not get angry. 5 days until I am in the most wonderful place, where hopefully I can find peace. Arizona... I think I am going to turn off my phone while I am home. Good idea?

Ps. Someone thought my friend Susan was my Mom. I wanted to laugh out loud super hard, but I just chuckled. It was pretty funny though.. and we were talking really dirty so i am shocked the girl would even consider it! Goofy.

Oh Charming Charlie is pretty cool shin dig yo. haha.

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