Answers Needed

I have been thinking a lot lately. Mainly all questions. How long do you hold onto someone?
  • How long are you someones friend?
  • Are they really my friend?
  • Am I trying to hard?  
  • When do you quit trying?
  • Is it worth all the effort?
  • Are they?
  • How do they show they care?
  • Do they care about me, like actually care.
Hmmm. I just feel like, I don't really know much. I don't feel like that saying is all accurate "What you put in is what you get out". Yeah right, tell that to all the people rolling over in their graves right now.

I have been trying to not cuss. Haha! Yeah, that is going oh so grand. Buttface is my favorite word right now. I will pretty much tell you that you are a buttface.

One last thing, don't make me angry and than say you love me. Especially when you are trying to be a smart allec and "try" but fail at being funny around others. I will post cooking funny stories later. Right now, I just need those questions answered... :)

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