These are my Confessions.

This morning was an interesting morning at work... Lets just say that I became very alert with the sense of smells and this was the one morning I wish I could not smell a thing!!

I was walking down the hallway and was like, what the heck is that smell, it smells like crap!! Well... I get to the banquet kitchen and outside I see this huge huge puddle of black stuff, and the smell is rank!! To get to the kitchen upstairs, guess who had to walk through it.. as I am walking through it the cleaners are laughing.. and I am like what is this crap!? They said, exactly what you just called it, my mind froze and well, I realized, I am literally standing in crap??? Apparently something wasn't draining?? Eh who knows, but it was sick! I kinda felt bad for those who had to clean it up. Engineering was spraying loads and loads of this lemon stuff to get rid of the smell, but haha let me just say, it only made everyone get a worse headache!! So that was my laugh for today.

Haha, oh and Scott doesn't like when people whistle in the kitchen... cause someone else does, and we'll just say its annoying. haha, but he said that today and who do you think popped around the corner when he said that? hahahaha. I laughed which made Scott smile which was good.

Work is starting to get stressful, I don't know why, I shouldn't get stressed about it, but it seems they want me to do things that really shouldn't be my responsibility... if that makes sense. Anyhow, boats are sinking everywhere, but I am prepared with a water pump, you are not going to take me down buddy! HA. Oh question. How can you help me if you can't even help yourself?? My point exactly.

I have been thinking a lot while I am at work, and I am trying to be positive and just make jokes.. cause I honestly just like seeing people smile.. Well this week at work I have been walking around the kitchen yelling the I am bipolar and that I have an attitude problem, I myself found this hilarious and would laugh whenever I would say it. haha. I was so bothered by everyone coming into work with a bad attitude!! I wasn't going to let it get to me. They on the other hand (well one little mexi) haha I call him that, so no offense he got sooo mad. He has been in such a bad mood the last week that I want to ask him if I can pull the pineapple out form his butt!!! Jeez.

So, I cannot wait to go home, my feet are freezing and therefore I am going to bed.. two more days of work. Should I take monday off and work on my project and just sleep in and forget school, or actually go? Ehhhh I can't decide what to do! k, hasta la vista babe.

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