So, I am adopting Bob Lee as my grandpa. I really do care about him, he pretty much became a part of my family when I was 14 when my family moved to Arizona. The first time I met him was when he was helping my Dad put in our wood floors and he was really thirsty and drank a lot of our orange juice.

He makes me laugh. He told me the waffle house is gross and I should burn off my taste buds before eating there... hahaha! I love him! So I called him, and we talked about his vacation and the cruise that him and his wife went on. I miss this guy. Maybe this is why I want to be back in Az? So I told him that I would cook a meal for him, and why not? They got a dog, and called it a puggle? Pug mixed with a bugle. Interesting. He really made me laugh about a certain subject... He has always been supportive, and don't think I have ever told him that. I should. We both agreed that we are not quiet... and than laughed about that. :) Honestly, he doesn't care about a thing that you have done in your past and doesn't judge.

My eldest sister called the other night, and its weird because, I really needed to talk to someone and whaaaala, my phone bussed and it was her. It is amazing to me that my prayers can still be answered even though I am completely stubborn and a butthead. A lot of the times I don't think that I am deserving. I am working on that though, along with other things. I love my sister. She is an amazing example to me and has showed me many times that through trials and tribulations, there is always time to stop and tie your shoe before you trip. I love everyone in my family. Even though we are not n the same states, I know that we have a bond, and that we are close. (for the most part) haha.

I still do have a testimony, and i know that this is the True church of God. I have experienced so many things, and felt the Spirit so strong in times that I thought I could never feel it again. Heavenly Father loves us individually and wants us to try to do our best. Just don't let go.

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