So, I have to admit.. I find the study of psychology to be rather... difficult of boring.. haha. Its simple but yet, its just like accounting; another language! Today I was a few mins late to class, so I decided to be polite and sit in the far back and just well study for my midterm in the next class... Well the first hour of class was extremely hard for me to stay awake! The chairs in these classrooms are just so dang comfy!! You can lean back just perfectly, and trust me when you are running on LOTS of stress, little sleep and working full time with midterm weeks and just plain ole full time school, it feels like a brick wall every once in awhile... So I am sitting there, and usually when I am falling asleep (in bed) I twitch, haha, usually my legs. haha. Weird that I am disposing such info! Ok, so I am leaning back in my chair, I have my arm on the head rest and I feel my head go downnnn! I shake my head, and than I close my eyes and rest my head on my arm... and I felt my legs twitch!! I am asleep. haha. The next thing I hear is the professor saying ok lets take a break! haha. I shot up and walked down to her and was like, sorry for being late to class. haha, I wonder if she saw me asleep?? My cheek was totally asleep and it felt weird to talk. Well after break she was like ok, we are going to talk about memory... So thought caught my attention and I was finally interesting in the class... Well apparently its a problem to be able to recall dates about things... Like I have no problem with recalling information and its always an overload and I can't control it. haha. Than I was like, is something wrong with me, of course not... I am sooo not being diagnosed with whatever she was talking about. I am just cool and remember things that a lot of people don't care about... I still don't know why though. Like my first kiss was on January 29th at 1:32 am. haha. It sure was foggy outside and I was totally laughing up the stairs to my dorm room to where my roomie was still awake wanting to know! Oh the silly things of life.

Anyhow, I went to take my midterm and looked at the test and I saw all the words just come to my mind... it took me only 24 mins to take a 105 question midterm. hmmm... haha wonder how I did. There was a few things that I probably should have studied better and I know on some of the matching I totally had to guess, but the ones with fill in the blank, and short answer. I find those ones to be extremely easy.

So diagnose me... Dr. Psychology said it could be OCD. But, admit it, everyone has ocd about some things!

Today I thought I was being the coolest person (cause lets admit it, I am not very nice most of the time) and I am BLUNT, so get over it. Anyhow, I see this girl in a wheelchair struggling with the door so I am like oh hey, let me get that for you... she than goes into the building.. and well, SURPRISE!! She gets up and starts walking like a miracle just happened? I was like, you could have opened the door for me! haha.

PS. Downtown Denver is scary at 4 in the morning... lately more and more people are out, but... the other morning this guy was totally blocking the sidewalk. So me being the cool person with my hoodie on, hopped off the sidewalk and walked on the street... He still said HI really loud and I got a panic. haha. Man, I think I have messed up my shoulder.. owy..

I feel a strong need to go home. A longing desire.

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