Funny story... well many stories that keep me going through some of my most boring classes... EVER. I miss labs, now that is a fact.

Story 1. I was sitting in accounting class today (i cannot help but observe everyone and what they are doing) and I was just starring at the professor and she looked at me and was like "RIGHT KATIE!" and she looked at me really weird, than I sat up and was like "oh yep, whatever you say." Needless to say, I noticed to see her zipper was down... I started to laugh really hard, but than felt bad... I started to sing xyz pdq! haha My friend Erica heard me and started to laugh and asked why I would notice that. Eh honestly... if people only knew what I noticed... example A) Your breathe today smelt so bad during our groups I almost threw up... and trust me that would have smelt better! Our professor was also late back to class 20 mins... Predictions : She is stuck in the elevator? She is stuck in the bathroom! (maybe she passed out) She has fallen down the stairs? Or last, did she have a heart attack in her office? Needless to say, we all stayed in class and she returned 20 minutes later...

Story 2. I was sitting in one of the computer labs and just typing away in a relaxed position... Well this girl like speed walks into the computer lab, sits a few chairs away from me... waits for the computer to load than does this weird twist and shake move in her chair... Maybe she was practicing for something? I thought that she was just plain weird, though who am I to judge?

Story 3. I was at work standing by the oven making my strawberry jam sauce stuff and a guy that I work with is such a goof. I always laugh at him (even though sometimes he doesn't use his English properly) haha. Well he was looking at me more weird than usual and I was like, whats up? haha. He mumbled something and I was like, dude I can't hear you so I walked over to him and he was like "Katie, you are just so sexy, you are too sexy for a 20 year old and I just like you" hahaha. I laughed and said your so silly... I don't know what I was supposed to do! He is like 45??? TOO OLD! He did make my day though. ;)

Story 4. You have all seen Austin Powers, right?? Please tell me you remember the part where he is in the hallway in a golf cart trying to turn around? Well, I had a moment like that the other day that made me late to my Psychology class (not that I even care for that class) anyhow, I have decided to just find a new parking place.. haha, I had to keep putting my car in drive than in reverse!! I was getting so frustrated and was like... I am sooo stuck!!! Arg. I did laugh as Austin Powers came to my head and I thought of Fat Bastard and when he lost all that weight.. haha.

Hopefully those stories made sense and brought some humor to your day... Trying to relax is hard lately. So much stress I feel has just been dumped on me, but I know that as we are faithful and do what is right we will be blessed. Remember no burden is too big for us, though at the time is seems it is.

ps. 1 month till I am off birth control. We shall see how that works... cross your fingers. I have debated on going and getting sonograms before insurance is up. I am really getting scared for the pain to come back. I don't want it to.

I want you to understand my feelings, and I wish I could express them how I used to. The walls seem to be getting higher the farther you push me away. Thats just the way it is.

I may have a surprise for my family :) Even though some of them are butts, (and I do have favorites) I still love them, they are my true best friends, and I know they won't leave me, and will do anything to help me.

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