Hoky Poky

Ok, it has been awhile, but hey, working full time plus school full time and trying to do everything else there is to do in life... well that says enough!!

I don't know why but the guys at works seem to find it funny to poke my sides to get me to laugh or smile... It does tickle, but it is weird because it used to never EVER tickle! Now I find myself running away from them, nearly tripping over the stupid mats we have on the floor. :) I love the guys though, and I am increasing my Espanol by just listing to them.

Today as I was cleaning out the cooler I came out and Andrian was so kind to point to my stomach and ask what happened? Of course I thought the worst that I had some roughting food all over me. NOPE! haha. I looked down and burst out with laughter. Somehow I have drawn with my sharpie all over my chef coat!! haha, laundry is really going to love me now!! Also on friday when it was really busy for lunch, turkey sandwhiches were flying out the window, yes apparently turkeys can now fly. ;). As I sent an order out, I looked up at the expiditor (David) and I was like, I think all the turkey sandwhiches that I have been sending out didn't have turkey on them! He immediatly laughed and accused me of being so funny. Though I was being completely serious!!

People at work can't wait till I turn 21. They keep asking what I want to do, and what drink they want to buy me first... I am getting tired of being asked, but I wonder if they are getting tired of my answer CHOCOLATE MILK! haha.

Well many funny things happen in the kitchen, from sitting in water, to burning your finger tips, burning your arms, losing an eyebrow, drawing on your chef coat on accident, and even falling. Yes, I have done all of these and much more. What can I say, I love my job for the most part!!

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