What defines us?
Not what we wear, or what how much money we make.
What defines me?
The choices I am making now.
My Testimony

I am redefining myself.
I have been weak the last few months, and honestly not myself.
What is going to change?
I am going to listen to more uplifting music
Go back to journal writing
Read my Scriptures with a content Heart to Learn
Pray with a humble and submissive heart/mind

It is time for a change
It is right on time
I am bound for the Promised Land. 

I cannot get there alone
We shall see who sticks by my side
No more planning, just living each day to the fullest
Loving deeply, honestly
Forgiving every second

Keeping a prayer in my heart
Every step will be a step for all the sacrifices he has done for me
I would not be who I am
Breathing freely without a weight of guilt

I will have a clear mind and achieve what I have set out to do

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